bodmin, oxford and hereford rc-bashers
A shared passion

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This club for a select group that meet up in several differnt places we have met 4 times.

 we mostly meet in bodmin and oxfordshire but we have plans to also meet in hereford as well. so far each time has been a different place. we have a laugh and run mostly tamiyas and schumacher but we run the odd losi and other stuff the hole idea. is just to have a meet up and have a good laugh.

Our plan is to hold meeting/races at least once a month in one of our three home area's(Oxfordshire,Herefordshire,cornwall) starting in the new year.

We are a new group and still have a lot of things to sort out,but keep an eye on this spare for updates.

And anyone that wants to join us or help set up some meetings or have any ideas please feel free to drop us a line.

thanks for looking and hope to meet some of you soon mike,steve,conrad

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