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Hi All,

I know we have SIG's for groups of 'people', but this is an SIG to highlight / recommend suitable rc car VENUES. It's often very difficult to know WHERE to go to use our cars.

Obviously this is NOT for proper racing clubs (go to the BRCA web-site if you want that), this is the place to recommend suitable venues to use our, sometimes fragile cars. This could be purpose built rc 'fun' track or any suitable public area for running our Tamiya's!

PLEASE DO NOT include anywhere that is illegal in any way (i.e. private land or prohibited access).

- Do you use somewhere (legally!) that's good for 'park bashing'??

- Would you recommend that location and provide details of it on here, for fellow TC members to use also?

IF THAT'S A YES - please join the group and share those secret locations with us all!

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