Tamiya Stars: The Specials
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<strong>Please read CAREFULLY! </strong>

Some guide lines:

<ul><li>Do you have something very special, very rare or something else that's really different? Join this group!  </li><li>This group must contain a build (prefered) Tamiya based model. When in doubt, please email me as I want to make this a very special group.</li><li>Special contributions to TC or Tamiya are also welcome.</li><li>It has to stand out.</li></ul>


<hr /><ul><li><strong>Each model has to be added indidvidually and needs single approval before entry! </strong></li><li><strong>When adding a non-approved item, your total membership could be removed.</strong></li></ul><hr /><ul><li>Be specific what particular model you want to add.</li></ul>


<ul><li><div align="center"><strong>WELCOME!</strong></div></li></ul>

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