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"Brat Pack" is all about having fun with the Brat and l want only thee best Brat pictures here to show to anyone looking in how much fun these pick-ups are.

Models accepted here are the 80's original, Mud Blaster, other Brat body based models and any other type of Brat related model like the AMT 1/24th kit or Stomper 1/43rd scale toy. And now including the much anticipated re-release and ?? improved version. 

These can be static/posed shots or in action. If it's restorations that are "work in progress" please read the note below.

<em><strong>Please note; If you post up pictures taken on the shelf, on the bed or NIB under the "Brat Pack" name you will be removed from the group. So get outside and get some air, the Brat is after all the original Bi-drive Recreational All-terrain Transporter. </strong></em>

"Brat Pack" name copyrighted by Zakspeed (cheers)

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