Shizuoka 49ers
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This is supposed to be a special interest group dedicated to all the "limited" original Tamiya RC cars, parts and promotional items. Hence the name "49ers" for the 49xxx series of limited cars and parts, although models from other "limited" series are welcome too, provided that they were originally made by Tamiya, but may be hopped up or modified. They have to be recognisable to originate from a "limited" model though.

"Distributor Specials" and similar are not considered to be original Tamiya models in this group. As reflected by the name of the group, only items that are official from Tamiya Japan (Shizuoka) are regarded as "original" Tamiya items in this group.

The boundaries are supposed to be simple and not controlled by any specific person's taste.

The group is NOT supposed to be exclusive or snobbish in any way, but just to separate the "unlimited" models from the "limited" ones, without indicating that the "unlimited" models in any way are less attractive.

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