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The aim of this sig is to provide a place to group together all of the build up guides created by users of the site. These can be guides for Tamiya or any related model brand. When the forums are created the guides can be created or linked to there.

For the moment the guides that are stored in the current forums can be linked to by creating a showroom entry and a link in the showroom entry description to the forum post. Please use a picture of the finished car and paste the wrench tool logo into the corner to identify it as a build guide.

The group is open to all. Whether you have made a guide now or plan to in the future.

The following list thanks all those who have contributed a guide.

clarkey - Caterham Super Seven BDR

corpse thrower - XR311, Dyna Storm, P34 Six Wheeler

djmcnz - Top Force -> Top Force Evo, TRF501X <br />

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