ORV space frame classics
A shared passion

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 This group is geared toward all Tamiya's utilizing the infamous space frame chassis!

1) Subaru Brat (58038)

2) Lancia Rally (58040)

3) The Frog (58041)

4) Blackfoot (58058)

5) Monster Beetle (58060)

6) Mud Blaster (58077)

7) Bush Devil (58101)

8) Super Blackfoot (58110)

9) King Blackfoot (58192)

10) The Frog Re-release (58354)

11) Subaru Brat Re-release (58384)

 For alot of us out there the Frog, Brat and the Blackfoot were what got us into R/C. (I myself wasn't old enough to witness early 3-speeds or SRB's on the hobby store shelves.) While I can appreciate those models and hope to add some to my collection, these space frame kits hold a special place in my heart for what Tamiya means to me. I know there are many others of you like this as well. This place is for everyone to proudly display thier ORV models, wether they are still NIB, built to 100% box stock, slightly modified or all out customized!

 So let's see all those cars!!

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