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This group is dedicated to anyone who has an electric truck wearing <strong>BIG TAMIYA TIRES</strong>.  To qualify the truck or at least 50% of the truck must be made by Tamiya, the truck must be electric powered, and most importantly the truck must be wearing tires that are from one of the seven <strong>BIG TIRE TRUCKS</strong> Tamiya has made.  This gives you 3 options: Clod Buster/TXT-1 tires, Juggernaut tires, or Mammoth tires.  I am starting this group because of the discussions in the forums related to the TXT-1 owner's group (which I am a member of).  I wanted to create a SIG for all of the people that own <strong>BIG TIRE TAMIYA TRUCKS</strong>.  They are all welcome here, even the Mammoth.  As you can tell from my showroom I am a big fan of <strong>BIG TIRES</strong> and think everyone that has a trcuk wearing them should have a place to post their trucks and discuss ideas/experiences related to these kits.  The <strong>BIG TIRE TRUCKS</strong> have a special place in my showroom because when you drive one you can't help but have fun regardless of where it is.  I realize that the parameters I have put in place will exclude anyone having a non-Tamiya <strong>BIG TIRE TRUCK</strong> or a truck wearing <strong>BIG TIRES</strong> that are not manufactured by Tamiya.  I did not do this to exclude anyone I simply had to draw the line somewhere, after all these are <u>Special</u> Interest Groups.  Maybe someone can start another group that will include those trucks i.e. T/E-Maxx, Savage, Twin Force, rock crawlers, etc.  I hope you all enjoy this group!  A <strong>BIG TIRE</strong> thank you goes out to <strong>STEVIEDEE</strong> for designing the banner!  I think he did a great job.

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