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This is a group for owners who RUN there Astute : Super Astute : Madcap or Saint Dragon. As the Dyna storms have there own S.I.G i thought it was time i set up a S.I.G for the first real tamiya 2WD buggy to compete against the rest of the world. Jamie booth first ran this car and did a good job on ironing out the little over engineered rear end to give us the super version. The madcap was a cheaper car with the same great properties but for a lot less money and the saint dragon had a cool but just a little odd body. Members should have one of the 4 cars above to join but any car with astute parts is welcome i.e. king cab and hi-lux monster race.There are lots of members asking to join this club without owning any of the above cars in there showroom or have new built ones that don't RUN ? The name says it all people astute RUNNERS club, take it out the box and run it.

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