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Have a special interest in 1/8 and and 'bigger' scaled models? This is the group for you! We are all about TGX and TGR chassis models, but really any 'super scale' car will be accepted. Other examples would include (but not limited to) : the Kyosho Superten/Pureten and Landmax series models, HPI's Super RS4s, Super F-1s and any other chassis that has a 265 to 325mm wheelbase. Of course, since this is an odd size of car, nearly any variation will be accepted. The more exotic the better! Please don't forget to include a well detailed description of your entry - These are often very complicated machines that deserve the attention! Also, any parts and related materials are especially welcome - we want to see what's out there. Manual scans, how-to guides, movies, or anything related to Super Scale models! Thanks and enjoy!

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