K2K7 (Kidderminster 2007)
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SIG NOW CLOSED FOR NEW REGISTRAIONS AS THIS IS FOR KIDDERMINSTER 2007 ONLY! This is a sig for all photo's and video's relating to running at Kidderminster 2007 (track or field)Please don't use this sig for things you bought / sold, just action / event shots (or photo's of people taken on the day)Don't forget to click the GALLERY tab at the top for more pictures (when we exceed 40 lots that is...) & hopefully the MOVIES tab will be populated quite soon.CheersSteve (Lemming)Please be aware, I am not on that often, so applications may only get processed once per day.  Please be patient if I haven't got you added yet.  It will happenAlso, if you add a new set of pics and select the SIG group, they will be added to your showroom, but not the sig.  You need to re-edit them and set the sig again for it to work

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