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<strong>If you've been mentioned in a magazine and have a scan or if you've been mentioned on a major site and have a link, then you need to be part of this sig!</strong>

More and more of the models and photos from our members are being picked up by magazines and major websites, where they are given the exposure their hard work deserves. This sig is there to try and group all those credits together :)

Many of our members get mentioned and other members reading th magazine don't even realise they are looking at another club members model - hopefully this will help people make the connections.

We'll also include mentions in the press about racers doing well

It all counts wether its next months news or news from 20 years ago

So come on, don't be shy - if your great modelling work has been featured somewhere then let hear about it here.

Just two conditions.

<ul><li>You can only publish things relating to you and your work (if you see something about someone else then email them a link to this thread)<br /></li><li>Mentions on other websites, must be from a major website, being pick of the day on your mates site - doesn't count ;)</li></ul>



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