Status: For Sale
Date: 30-Jun-2011
Price: £15 (UK pounds)
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description These are for the whole car including the Shell, they are all British sourced and Top-Quality! The set has Cap-heads / Countersink / Pan-heads / Nuts and Washers.
All the Cap-heads are smooth not some smooth and some knurled like other sets out there 'so if ya want the best then its my sets ya want!!'
They come in bags labelled like the Tamiya Build Manuals 'so i'll try my best to include a copy of the back page so ya can see whats in each bag?'. Postage is only £3.00 and £1.50 for every additional set ordered the same day UK and £4.00 plus £2.00 for every additional set Overseas.
I accept Paypal (Gift) / UK Postal Orders and Personal Cheque.
Thanks for L@@KING from Dan.