Status: For Sale
Date: 16-Jun-2012
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Well, think its time to move this one on. It is a labour of love, a look at what the Top Force can be using magnesium and Titanium whenever possible. She's a one off, there is no other titanium chassis out there, this was made specially for me. Feel free to read about her build in my showroom. The photos in Titanium Evolution 2 are how she looks now, having found some titanium springs that fit.

More information:
Car Spec, and What comes with it
1.Titanium Chassis, front and rear Evo Suspension towers
2.4x Alloyhubs (GPM)
3.2x Front alloy 'C' hubs (genuine Tamiya)
4.Alloy Gearbox Bottom (GPM)
5.Titanium Ball Connectors
6.Titanium King Pins
7.Alloy Shocks (GPM)
8.4x Titanium Springs
9.All Titanium Turnbuckles
10.Lightweight Alloy Steering Set
11.The oober rare Tisan grey gearboxes
12.Rare lower wishbone hop-ups (cant remember who made them)
13.ACE digital coreless alloy servo
14.Small LiPo pack
15.Magnesium wheel hex's
16.LRP Brushless motor and Electronic Controller
17.GRP Titanium wheel nuts
18.One of TF Evo decals - not great, but it was going to be a runner, so they look good from a few yards

Things that come with the car, but not on it:
1.One alloy rear gearbox cover - never fitted, also rare, as I had it shipped from Japan
2.2x 3 racing alloy ball diff's. Someone suggested these would fit with a bit of work, and I understood them to be a better design and better for racing.
3.A piece of titanium - this was next stage of the car, I was going to get the front and rear lower wishbones machined
4.Tamiya 5mm Ball Connector Set
5.Another Oober rare old hop up; Lunsford Racing Titanium Hinge Pin Set


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