Status: For Sale
Date: 20-Sep-2013
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Tamiya f1 chassis includes steering servo and speed controller and standard motor it need a new front wing one body mount and would benafit from some rear tyres

£42 posted

tamiya midnight pumpkin the chassis has a few broken parts and there all on the d parts tree which are on ebay quite cheap. also need some body mounts and steering rods.the body is in a good condition with just a few scrapes and a nick out of one of the wheel arches. this has never been painted and would benafit from a clean. it also looks fully ball raced
£45 posted

tamiya tlo1 chassis its ball raced and has a steering servo. It also has oil filled shocks and drift tyres all the diffs are locked. The body is in a good condition with no cracks or splits just a few mrks here and here.

£40 posted

unknown mabe mardave chassis need 1 rear drive shaft includes all you see in the pic and a pinion. great project

£18 posted

technigold motor a bit of wear to the can and one of the tabs have broken off but can easilly be fixed.

£40 posted

no trades please