Status: For Sale
Date: 26-Feb-2014
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I have a lot of HongNor parts for sale.

HongNor Parts

HNL-26 turnbuckle 3x36

HNE-37 ball&socket 6mm

234Q gir 16t
315S shock repair kit
373 black quick fill tank opener
387F 19x1.5mm o-ring

HNG- parts
04 arm shaft 4mm
07-H alu front upper arm holder 4mm
14 servosaver set
19 turnbuckle 4x46mm
25 ball 7mm
29 front lower arms

HND- parts
2 front upper arms
10 center shaft f/r
17 rear arm shaft 3mm
20H shock tower front jx1 hc
22 wing stay set

HNAS-4 steel spur gir

HNA- parts
10B body mount front
12 bevel gir L
13 bevel gir S
16 arm holder plastic
20 diff housing
24 fr.bumper
35 rear upper arm holde
40A ball end
41A 6mm ball
48 engine mount
49 muffler pipe
49A pipe mount wire
80 brake linkage system
85 diff case new type f/r
86 diff case center new type
87 diff bevel gir s/l

HNB-36W 1/8 truggy wheel set white 3.7'

HNJP- parts
03A o-ring p-6
03C diff gasket
08 fuel tank
23A rear body post
24 center drive shaft 93mm
34 7mm balls
41 stone guard
42A fuel tank post
51 fuel tank
56 front uni joints

HNC- parts
07H alu rear stiffner
08 nylon stone guard
13 water proof reciever box
15A fr.chassis brace
22H 4mm rear shock stay h.c
27 low profile servo fixing
32 lower arms f/r
33 rear lower arm shaft 3x42.6

HN parts
267E pins 2.5x17mm
273B rear up right
355 brake pads spl
363 alu diff cross pins
365 shock piston 13mm
365F o-ring 15x1mm
367 shock pressure top orange
387F o-ring 19x1.5mm
387H 3x28mm cap screws
387P shock piston 16mm
387S big bore shock repair kit
388 pressure top 16mm
390A crt 16mm grey soft shock spring

HNXT- parts
06H rear lower arm holder 4mm
08 uni joint f/r
09 center drive shaft 120/125.5mm
10 rear drive shaft
12 turnbuckle 5x80mm
17 front upper arms
19 bumper truggy
20 body post & servo mount
22 plastic shock parts set
24 engine mount
26 spiral bevel gir 45t
28 stoneguard
29 chassis brace
30 body post & tank post
32 fuel tank
40 center diff plate

HNXTS- deler
02 front shock 4mm cnc
03 rear shock stay 4mm cnc 7075
05 chassis brace cnc 7075 f/r
06 uni joint center
07 z-braze for truggy
10 truggy stone guard
11 alu center diff mounts
13 cnc linkage type brace
18 uni joints lightweight f/r
20 plastic center diff set

HNX1S- parts
08 uni joint rear
12 cnc rear toe in plate 2.5*
19 spl arm shaft (full set)
19A fr arm shaft 3mm sp long
19B rr lower arm shaft 3mm spl
54 engine mount
54A engine mount adapter
60 lundsford titanium turnbuckle buggy
61 X1-CR E-Conversion kit

HNX1- parts
13 diff gir s/b
21 uni joint front
25 rear lower arm shaft 3x48.1mm
27 knuckle arm bushings
28 king pin screw
34 arm holder
35 lower arms f/r
37 fr upper arms
39 servo saver & center brace
42 wing stay fr arm shaft 3x42.7mm

HNX2S- parts
01 alu chassis cnc 7075 light weight
03 cap joints light weight
04 graphite front shock tower 4mm
05 graphite rear shock tower 4mm
07 x2 cnc center chassis brace f/r
08 center driveshaft alu 7075
11 fr shockstay 5mm
12 rr shockstay 5mm
13 center uni joint light weight
16 X2-CR E-Conversion kit