Status: For Sale
Date: 28-Feb-2014
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Splitting this shelf queen that has some nice aftermarket parts and custom body work.

Hop ups:
Parma rear shock kit - These were NIP, I removed anodizing $35
Parma aluminum rear positive drive hubs - $20 ( sale pending)
CRP front shocks & CRP front shock mount - , I removed anodizing from shocks. $40
You-g nerf bars - NIP, removed anodizing - $15
Alloy 1 piece wheels - $35
Sand Blaster Jr's & 915's ( 4 tires total) - $55

Stainless steel body mount screws.
Fully Ballraced.

Custom body - $60 w/out SC roof.
I made the alloy side wing and hood panels and fitted with stainless steel screws.
Polished Super Champ roof ( not included, sold seperatley)
Cul-tech alloy lights
Vintage MRP decals.

Pricing include shipping in USA.

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