Status: For Sale
Date: 1-Sep-2015
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I have the following brand New Marui parrts up for sale or trade.

No.006 FrontArmSet LandCruiser/CJ-7/Mitsubishi.
No.007 Gir & Motorcase Big Bear.
No.012 Rear Arm Set LandCruiser/CJ-7.
No.013 Bumper Set Big Bear/CJ-7.
No.019 Fron Arm Set Hunter/Galaxy.
No.020 Bumper Set Hunter.
No.027 Oil Damper Set Hunter.
No.030 Front Arm Set Big Bear.
No.032 Rear Axle Set Big Bear.
No.042 Oil Damper Set Galaxy.
No.043 Chassis Cover Set Galaxy.

I also have a brand New window and interior for Big Bear.

Make me a offer.