Status: For Sale
Date: 13-Jun-2016
Price: £550 (UK pounds)
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I finally decided to put this car on sale. It's a painfull decision but it's for a good reason.
The chassis has all the aluminium upgrades you can find out there, and about 20 LEDs light it up in blue and white. I'm selling it with the battery, Novak Rooster esc and high torque servo. I keep the receiver and the remote.
I am not sure what's up with the battery, maybe it's still good, maybe not. Sometimes it works, sometimes no. Could be a short circuit somewhere... Either way, I'm leaving it as i won't need it, and it's kinda hard to get it out because of all the light cables.
The tires are starting to show some age and have some slight cracks, but still have life in them though.
The light bar on the roof needs to be soldered back on on one side. I never bothered doing it as it's holding fine anyway.
I will include a bag filled with the sleeves from the hop up bags, just for the bragging rights.
Price includes UK shipping from France, for anywhere else in the world please ask me for a quote. That truck is heavy so...
I would like this truck to go to a good house and that's why I'm only selling it here. I will not put it on ebay and the price is not negotiable.
Have a look in my showroom for more pictures! Thanks for looking!

- - - - Bragging rights!