Restored Thundershot for sale UK - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars
Status: For Sale
Date: 17-Feb-2018
Price: £117 (UK pounds)
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I'm currently have a new build to put together and finishing a Fire Dragon so I thought i'd see if anyone would be interested in my restored and unused thundershot backup, link to showroom above

Stripped, cleaned when received, rebuilt using tamiya ceramic grease
new servo
new ball bearings
new steel pinion, 15t
new driver chassis cover
new sport tuned motor
New blue lower arms front and rear
Superb tyres, in superb condition
Gearboxes in superb condition
rear anti roll bar (not needed really)
Thundershot universal shafts front and rear
Body was hand painted back in 2006 when it was originally released

Everything apart from the body i'd give a strong 8.5/10 rating, the body a 7/10
Not bad for the shelf but was rebuilt for its purpose as a backup runner which has never happened

Universals seem to cost £10 each, motor was £17, bb's were £12, anti roll bar £15 so thats approx £70 already

Price inc free UK shipping via collect plus

paypal gift please