NIB MFA RX15+ (Tamiya Technigold) Motor - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars
Status: For Sale
Date: 11-Apr-2018
Price: £70 (UK pounds)
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Offering a brand new & unused MFA RX15+ Motor.

For those that are unaware, the Mabuch RX540VZ motor did not go out of production for a very long time after Tamiya stopped supplying it with their 'Technigold' branding on it. In fact it seems that Mabuchi supplied the motor to other parties from that point on. This branded version.....the MFA RX15+..... is basically just the Technigold, minus Tamiya's Technigold label stuck on it. However, this example has been fitted with a high quality repro Technigold label. The end bell has the 'Mabuchi Motor' logo moulded into it and the only difference is that this version has an extra capacitor soldered to it,,, and the external wires are slightly different with a Tamiya battery connector fitted to them.

NIB Technigolds sell for £150 ....when you can find them.