Status: For Sale
Date: 13-Dec-2018
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These parts are in 'ugly and old' bags but these are original parts from back in the day before anything was re-released. I really need to thin out my collection as I will be moving and cannot possibly fit in my new space with my collection as-is.

I have the following parts new in their ugly old original bags:

Astute B parts, missing one arm, x10319
Astute chassis on Blister card from box with a 23T pinion gear, resistor, diff housing A&B, front shafts, wheel axles, Mabuchi RS 540SH motor, and misc. screws.
Astute D parts, x10321
Blackfoot E parts in Black w/ 'Ford' tailgate, x9938
Falcon A parts, x9901
Falcon C parts, x9903
Fox A parts, x9406
Frog Z parts, x8428
Grasshopper A parts, x8613
Grasshopper C parts, x8615
Hornet D parts
Hotshot G parts
King Cab F parts, x10354
Thundershot Front Bumper, x10116
Leopard A4 tank Gear Box with two small engines (the really old original version) on original blister from box with two drive gears, screw bags, torsion bar stays, and connector.

I have more parts as well. I will update this list as I can.

Again, ALL are in their original packaging/bags and they are full trees unless otherwise noted (from what I can tell). I am willing to send pictures as requested but please ask if you would like a better picture of what they look like. For all intent and purposes, these parts are 100% new!

I am open to offers. I am trying to thin out my collection.