Tamiya Old School 3 speed with the clear Electronics case, not the black one. - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars
Status: Wanted
Date: 15-Dec-2018
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As you can see in my title, I am looking for a good ole 3 speed from back in my glory days.
It does not have to be in pristine and/or 'Shelf Queen' condition.
As a matter of fact, I would prefer if I have to work on it a bit to keep the cost bareable, and my preference would be to have an original body on the chassis.
I would like it to be either a Hilux or a Blazer (although I think the price would be near impossible to get a Blazer because I do have a budget - we'll see).
I hope to not have to pay for shipping either.
I live in the USA but I will be traveling to Europe late January 2019 to early February 2019.
I will be in the Netherlands, and Northern Germany.
I might even be able to arrange a stopover in Heathrow if needed.
Also, taking a drive on a weekend is not an issue if it is not more than 3 hours from where I will be at.
I will pay in Euros in person and not PayPal if it is located over there.
If someone happens to have one stateside, hopefully I can arrange a visit since I travel for work.
Thank you in advance.