Status: For Sale
Date: 16-Jul-2020
Price: £500 (UK pounds)
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This is my ultimate SRB.

What we have here is a re-re Fighting Buggy chassis, the wonderful RCChannel rear suspension setup which get rid of the camber, and all round spring filled shocks from RC4WD with a NIB Black Sports Motor in it. The wheels are solid RCLoverr alloys and the tires are OEM Sand Blasters at the back and the excellent repro Sand Blaster Jnr from HWPeter up front.

The front bumper is alloy as is the rear cage.

The Fighting Buggy has been painted with 5+ coats of Mica Blue and repro decals give it that 80's vibe. The cockpit is included but not completed.
The Sand Scorcher body has been modified to give it proper Baja fenders, with literally hours of careful sanding to thin them out and give it that Baja feel.

The rest of the body parts are all included and there is an aftermarket engine included too if you want to fit it.

My favourite piece is a clever bodypost design which allows the taller Scorcher post to snugly fit over the Fighting Buggy one so you can switch bodies with ease.

I reckon I will probably get the best value by selling it as separate parts on ebay, but before I did that I thought I would offer it here.

Am in no hurry to sell but I seem to spend more time flying RC planes nowadays so happy to see this go to a new loving home.

Because I love both the Scorcher and the Fighting Buggy.

- - -