Status: For Sale
Date: 11-Oct-2020
Price: €135 (Euros)
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Up for sale is a restored Lazer ZX Runner.
The car was totally disassembled, everything cleaned and checked and reassembled.

Differences to the   normal ZX are:
  - I removed the belt cover since it always caused some friction to the front belt.
  - Thereby I was also able to use a one-piece-carbon-upper deck. This significantly increases the torsional stiffness of the chassis (if you would like the belt cover and original upper deck in addition- no problem).
  - The car has a full set of turnbuckles (left-right thread) to make the set-up easier.
  - I also added some nuts on critical points for example at the mounting points of the steering rods on the aluminum steering plate.

The runner  body was nicely painted by the pre-owner but unfortunately he used it on a SWB Optima Mid. Thereby as you can see in the pics there are 2 mounting slots in front and the body is too short in the rear (would have to be extended with a simple Lexan part).
The double-wing is in okay condition. The under tray is clear and was cut on the front and rear.

Price for this set is 135   Euro.

For 30   Euro in addition I can offer the shown   vintage body set  that includes:
  - A new original Kyosho Lazer ZX undertray.
  - A clear rear wing.
  - An original Lazer ZX-body where I removed the prior painting. The body has some small tweaks (one hole where the air-inlets are formed) but is overall in a nice condition to be repainted.

Any questions or wish for additional pics- please do not hesitate to ask.