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Date: 11-Oct-2020
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Hi All
For Sale Here is My vintage Tamiya Clodbuster 58065 with Chevrolet Pickup Body.
I have owned this car since 2005, I purchased it from a chap that his son had one christmas and he built it run it a little then lost interest in the hobby and put in storage.
This has been my display model, It is not a shelf queen but is has had very little use and has all the orginal Decals from when it was painted over 30 years ago.
I have give it a clean/dust off and it still comes up very well, I replaced couple of parts, mainly the chrome work as the front Chrome bumper was missing and roll cage was damaged. i have replaced both bumpers with new vintage parts, and the roll cage with matching part from Chrome midnight pumkin, I have also included the worn out parts.
There is some small issues Which are:
1, The battery hold cover is missing on one side, small part to hold a battery in place.

2, The body mount front brace is split, however this has no impact on the look or workings of holding the body in place.(It need a little glue).see Picture.

3, When i had it touched up some minor scratches with as close to the color as possible again this is not a new built, but only been run a couple of times.

4,The tyres were glued on when I purchased it, there are no splits and they are glued on with same glue after 30 Years, however one rear wheel the glue had leaked on to the wheel hub so the hub comes off with the wheel, note it fits perfect and works perfect, again this was built long time ago by a begineer. and has no impact off the function or look of the pickup.

5,The decal in air intake on the hud is missing,

6, The chrome has got some fade and scratche's mainly on the spot lights, again its been used but is still a great car.

I have tried to be honest about my Clod and Im sad to see her move on, however i have started to slim down my collection over the next year as I don't have the time or space anymore, I would love to see someone add this car to there display like I have over the last 15 years.

I will only ship to UK due to the size and weight Via Parcalforce Sorry.
Please study the Pictures carefully and ask any questions before bidding, This is being sold as used item not new so I will not do refunds.
I have also started it as .99p listing so highest bidder wins. Thanks for looking, good luck