Status: For Sale
Date: 12-Oct-2020
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Decided to sell my NIB kits off - Prices are firm but will consider offers, I might say yes :-)
Most are re-issue unless otherwise stated. (price reflects my desire to sell or not)
Original Kits
Subaru Brat - super rare unicorn of a kit (original UK RIKO 1st edition)                                                                £1000
Resissue Kits
Wild One                                                             SOLD
NovaFox                                                               SOLD
Monster Beetle                                                                £180
Willys Wheeler                                  SOLD
Hornet (bought when reissue first came out, has some unique features only used on the first of the reissue)                                                               SOLD
Frog                                                                £180
Kumamon Tumbling Bull Tractor - super rare                                                                £200
Super Clod Buster (twin ESC type) Box is a bit battered                                                                £300 (not the one in my showroom)
Grasshopper                                                                £90
Wild Willy 2                                                                £150

The reissues all include the ESC (due to how long ive had them some are the early type ESC)
Postage                                                                £10/discount for multiples. May send abroad

I am UK based an I've been on TC since 2003 and while I have been quiet on here I am happy to supply references if required.
Note that some of the images in the showroom are not correct. And my showroom is not up to date so not all listed.
Happy to send a recent picture with a newspaper to verify - just ask away..
I have a full time job so please be patient - Thank you

I will also accept offers or enquirers on any model in my showroom so please ask away. Once the models are down to around 10 I will stop selling (those that dont sell will end up on ebay the rest I will keep)
Will also be selling my parts/manuals/decals etc

remember to check out my ebay also as some will be sold on there