Status: For Sale
Date: 13-Nov-2020
Price: €36 (Euros)
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Up for sale is an Academy Mirage project.
The Academy Mirage is basically a Big Wig clone with Kyosho-Gold-like aluminum shocks in blue colour and Schumacher-Cat-like CVD drive shafts.
I bought the car 8 years ago but then had to realize that most of the suspension arms were broken where the special shaft-screws are screwed in. I already checked both gearboxes and put some ball bearings inside.
Last week I started to make some home-made rear suspension arms out of 8 mm Polyamid (upper arm to be made with a turnbuckle) but then had to realize that also one grey rear hub is also broken.

I can see 3 options:
1.) Possibly the suspension arms and hubs from the Big Wig are a straight fit. No problem to measure or you send me the dimensions. As you can see the shaft-screws for the suspension arms and the whole suspension are the same style.
2.) If somebody owns a 3D-printer it should be easy to print the suspension parts in another material than ABS and bring the car back to live.
3.) Mean option: 'slaughter' the car and use the 4 blue Kyosho-gold-like shocks for another car. With the drive-shafts each Big-Wig, Boomerang, Supershot, Hotshot, Super Sabre, ... can be changed to these Cat-like drive-shafts.

Happy to answer any question. Original tyres are in pretty good shape; on the body some decals tend to bend up in the corners but all decals are there.

Looking for 36  ‚¬ or make me an offer.