Status: For Sale
Date: 27-Nov-2020
Price: €24 (Euros)
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Got this pair of blue You-G rear shocks 15 years ago and since the they were screwed on a Subaru Brat which I never ran. So now they are up for sale.

15 years ago I modified them by pressing black Polyamid bushings (3 mm inside) in the front of the lower brass shock-end. I hated the severe piston-shaft-wobble of the brass-guide and now this is totally gone and the shafts run smooth and without excessive play.

They come unfilled (I just drained them) and when using a Mono-shock-tube from one shock to the other I suggest to seal the thread of the small screw-in-parts (to connect the tube to the shocks) with silicone in the shock bodies.

The bodies have some small scratches and it seems that one spring is slightly different. It has the same thickness of the wire and the same number of turns but the ends are less professional bent compared to the other spring.

Shipment worldwide possible in an air-bubble-envelope.