Status: For Sale
Date: 18-Feb-2021
Price: £40 (UK pounds)
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Sometimes you find stuff in the shed and wonder 'where did that come from?'.... this is one of those cases!

Obviously, at some time, I bought this OP899 Reversible Lightweight Suspension Set for a TA05 project, as I also brought the matching swing shafts required. Sadly for me, the project no longer exists, so time for me to move these on!

This upgrade kit provides a complete lightweight suspension tuning set, including turnbuckles, 950 bearings, replacement axles, and other lighter parts. A complete solution, these were designed to be installed on the Tamiya TA-05 or TB-02 chassis'.

The kit includes the required axles, but needs a set of swing shafts to suit whichever chassis you were installing on - in my case, I acquired a NIP set each of 53836 / OP-836 48mm Swing Shaft for Assembly Universal Shaft Set (front) and 53871 / OP-871 48mm Lightweight Rear Swing Shafts (Blue).

Everything is new, and ready to install to your TA-05 - if you have a TB-02, the arm kit will still fut, but you'll need to source a set of 42mm swing shafts.

Note price is in GBP for ease of translation.

Located in Melbourne, Australia. Expect postage to be 14 pounds anywhere in the world, less for local buyers.