Status: For Sale
Date: 10-Apr-2021
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Up for sale are 6 vintage brushed motors.
All 6 motors were opened, carefully cleaned and if necessary the comm was cut/ cleaned carefully with a Hudy Lathe.

The Le Mans Pro High Torque is in good condition technically and optically. The sticker unfortunately has some small marks especially on the lower right side (see pic). I think this can easily be used for a shelfer. Comm was cleaned and looking for 45     Euro.

The Demon Powerking is also in good technical and optical condition. The sticker looks really nice and only has 2 bubbles in the middle (see pic). Would also look really good in a shelfer and looking for 35     Euro.

The Le Mans H240S was hardly used. I cleaned it but did not cut the comm and only cleaned it with some motor cleaner (you hardly see any wear). Perfect for a shelfer. Looking for 25     Euro.

The Mega 18x2 was opened, cleaned, comm was cut. The sticker is in really good condition but has one small brown line lengthwise. Looking for 20     Euro.

The Conrad motor is actually technically very interesting: front aluminum end and also rear aluminum motor head. Since also this was hardly used I only cleaned it thoroughly but did not cut the comm. Looking for 20 Euro

The Tamiya Technigold was opened and cleaned and the comm was cut. No sticker on the motor, therefore ideal for a runner. Looking for 20     Euro.

Any questions or if you would like detailed pics- just pm. More than happy to help.