Status: For Sale
Date: 21-Nov-2021
Price: £350 (UK pounds)
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Well I admit defeat - I bought this 10 years ago, and spent many years searching parts but now is the time to move this on.
When purchased the chassis was fully stripped and cleaned, I obtained original vintage wheels and tyres at great expense (the wheels were nip) The tyres very good used, even with me storing off the ground sadly the rears have started to perish. The very rare narror front bumper was the hardest part to find, eventually found a new one via TC however they only packed it in a jiffy bag and when it arrived it was flat and broken -- I have glued it together and would be fine for display.. One of the rear axles has a slight bend so the wheel wobbles a little and the battery tray as some heat distortion.
I have gone through all the parts and they are present apart from the main MSC (the resistors and plate are present. I do have some old used ones so if you are desperate I can include one but its not great quality hence why left out. The body is a TBG repro and the decals are MCi. Manual is printed copy from TC
Rear panel was damaged and repaired (needs finishing off)
This has taken me years to get where I am with it but time to move it on. Nice easy project for someone.
Im looking for  £350 paypal gift.. Will be listed on ebay next week if no takers. Postage will be  £10 UK and will post elsewhere at cost. Any questions please ask. I have more pictures if needed.

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