Status: For Sale
Date: 14-Jun-2022
Price: £360 (UK pounds)
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Im selling Uberboomer. For those with memories that don't store useless information, Uberboomer was a scrap Boomerang I bought to turn into a cheap runner that escalated into a rather silly project. For the full rundown all the info is on my showroom page:

The short version is that it's basically a brand new Boomerang with some choice hop ups. The only original parts left are the outer hub carriers, the gears and the rear dampers, literally everything else is brand new and unused. I've run it around the garden twice for about 30 seconds each time just to check it worked ok.

It's fully ballraced, all hardware are vintage brand new items, and from front to back it has: brand new Hotshot bumper, suspension mounts, brand new arms and hubs, gearbox, arb, turnbuckles, inner and outer cv joints, hotshot propshaft, battery holders, rear gearbox, shock mounts, arms, inner and outer cv joints, wing mount, body, decals, Top Force disc wheels, alloy hex drives, Egress tyres, gold springs from the DF-03 TFR damper set (dampers were fully rebuilt) and of course the chassis. This is the full hotshot/boomerang Factory Works FRP chassis that is absolutely beautiful. The other big advantage of this chassis is that it allows a Team Associated bellcrank steering set up to be used, which eliminates bumpsteer that's the Achilles' heel of the Boomerang. I'll also include the brand new Turnigy TGY4409MD servo.

The body is a genuine Tamiya Boomerang body painted black with custom MCI Racing decals where I changed the colours to suit the scheme I wanted. The only negative is that the rear body mount holes were pre-drilled and the mounts are in a slightly different place due to the chassis, so I had to open them up a bit. Everything works fine and you would only notice it if you were looking for it.

The Winger body is a TeamBluegroove item again with MCI Racing decals painted in chrome silver and black. Neither body have ever been used running.

All the blue plastic parts have been dyed black to visually declutter, the only exception being the blue outer hub carriers as they didn't take the dye, so they are painted. The wheels are dyed black but I have then painted the faces black to give them a gloss finish but won't look horrible if scratched.

I'm not including a motor or the radio gear. I've just shown the radio gear to give an idea of how to fit it in - space is at quite a premium with this chassis.

It really is a beautiful and cracking little buggy that has been built to no budget - everything that needed replacing has been with new. If you should want to turn it back to a stock boomerang all you'd need is a chassis and a bumper.

I don't really want to sell it, but as I said, I've never used it and it really is too nice a buggy to just sit on my shelf and collect dust. I know that applies to all my RC cars :rolleyes: but I did build this with the sole intention of running it, so it nags at me that it isn't. I really want this to go to someone that will enjoy it and get more out of it than I have.

You can't buy a brand new Boomerang now, and there are unrestored ones on ebay going for about the same as this. If you want a Boomerang, you won't get a better one than this anywhere. It would be impossible to build this again for this price - I'm making a loss on it!

               £360 plus shipping - will ship overseas