Status: For Sale
Date: 14-Jun-2022
Price: £275 (UK pounds)
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I'm selling a completely brand new, never used, just finished being built Zahhak that I've put together using all the left over chassis parts from my TRF201 and everything else are brand new genuine Tamiya replacement parts.

A few upgrades still made their way onto this though! So it has the high strength diff gears, a lightweight alloy idler shaft, rear alloy XA camber adjuster (not fitted but will be supplied,) hard turnbuckle ball adjusters and I've fitted 630 bearings in place of the supplied bushes in the steering assembly, along with alloy shim spacers throughout instead of the kit supplied plastic ones. All the original damper adjusters, shims, spacers etc that came in the kit will be provided. I will also print off a copy of the manual too. I'll also include a motor pinion. You'll still need to supply your own motor, servo, battery and esc, along with paint and stickers for the body.

The other difference is that I'm selling it with a brand new genuine Sand Viper body set (uncut, completely brand new) instead of the (much unloved by many, but loved by me) Zahhak body.

It is - as you'd expect - in perfect condition and has been built with the greatest care, to the extent that - as with all my builds - even the screw heads are aligned.

These are incredibly rare now, I don't think I could get all the parts again to build another, so this may be one of the last available.

I'm looking for    £275 or best offer plus p+p.