Status: For Sale
Date: 26-Feb-2023
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Sand Scorcher (Frog Blitzer Beetle)

Buggy consists of a re-release Tamiya Frog chassis with an original Tamiya Blitzer Beetle body painted and stickered to look like a Sand Scorcher. Body is customised inside and out as clearly seen in the photographs and has the famous Sand Scorcher paint scheme in the correct colours. The wing mirrors are easily removable for running so you don't lose them, literally you just pull them out and push back in easily. Some of the custom touches are roof and sill bars, spot-lights, spare wheel, mud-flaps, furry dice,roll-cage and netting, rear VW engine and exhausts(attached to the chassis). There is also black outs in the arches; the 2 fronts are attached to the body and the rears are attached to the chassis.

The chassis itself is slightly modified to fit the beetle body-shell but can easily be returned to normal so you can fit the Frog body-set (not included). I am including the parts that were removed; the front body-mount-screw and chassis-carbon-plate. Am also including a spare new bumper mount as the one on the buggy is modified to fit he Beetle shell. So if you want to you can change it back completely to a Frog. Full bearings through out and the chassis is in really good condition, nearly no scratches underneath as its only had a test run up and own the street. The original servo saver is included. *The original shock springs have been put back on since these photos.

There is a few things that should be mentioned in order to be honest; There is a little crack in the window screen, you can see it in one of the photos. There is slight fading/yellowing on the ORV chassis in places due to sitting on the shelf. You can just make it out in the photos, its not obvious but it is there. The rear trailing arm shock mounts are both cracked, however it still holds together and works. Lots of the decals have faded, it might be time to remove them and buy a new Sand Scorcher set for a tenner off the bay. If you look carefully in a couple of the photos you will see there are stress lines which only became apparent once I'd painted it, but they are not always obvious.

I have more photos but I've used the limit here so if you want to see more photos just please ask and I will send them to you.

Any questions are welcome

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