Status: For Sale
Date: 17-Jan-2007
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The car is brand new. Newer been used.

3Racing SSG Graphite Conversion
3Racing Aluminum Bulkhead x2
3Racing Graphite Front Shock Tower
3Racing Graphite Rear Shock Tower
3Racing Aluminum Front Solid Axle
3Racing Aluminum Center One Way Diff
3Racing Aluminum 12MM Wheel Adapter
Yeah Racing Graphite Front Bumper Plate
Yeah Racing Alloy Bearing Steering Set
Tamiya TA05 Aramid Drive Belt
Tamiya Stabilizer Set Front & Rear
Tamiya Center One-way Set
Tamiya TRF Damper Special
TOBEE Aluminum Turn Buckle Set
TOPCAD Bumper Supporter Set
TOPCAD Aluminum Front & Rear Lower Arm
TOPCAD Aluminum Front Castor Block
TOPCAD Aluminum Front Steering Block
TOPCAD Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier
TOPCAD Aluminum Front & rear Lower Arm Pin Mount