Status: For Sale
Date: 13-Oct-2008
Price: $34.99 (US Dollars)
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If anyone state side (or not) is interested in a lexan Rough Rider Style body..... just let me know. These ARE NOT reproductions, these ARE re-releases, as they will be coming from the ORIGINAL molds (I am NOT referring to the Tamiya molds, I am referring to the original mold you see below, someone is arguing symantics with me). Quality-wise, I PROMISE you other than knowing that they are coming from the year 2008 and they will have protective film on the outside, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between an original from the company I purchased the mold from and my re-release you see below...... all the detail will be there. This mold was actually made from an original Rough Rider body more than 30 years ago. All include paint overspray film on the outside and window masks.

Shipping, US: $9.00. Based on one item and will include delivery confirmation. More than one, I will calculate per the usps site and update it accordingly

Shipping, International: I will ship first class when I can..... higher weight and larger boxes might force Priority International. Will be quoted on an individual basis and I will use usps rates.

If you are interested, please contact via email via this listing. Any questions, please ask, don't be bashful.

Thanks in advance.