Status: For Sale
Date: 1-Nov-2008
Price: $34.99 (US Dollars)
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Hi guys, A friend got me thinking about an alternate chassis that some of my bodys will fit. I am happy to show you that there is now an alternate body for the Tamtech GT01 chassis.... a Porsche 935 Long Tail aka Moby Dick. It is just a touch wider, but you would be hard pressed to notice it. All include paint overspray film on the outside and window masks.

Shipping, US: $7.50. Based on one item and will include delivery confirmation. More than one, I will calculate per the usps site and update it accordingly

Shipping, International: I will ship first class when I can..... higher weight and larger boxes might force Priority International. Will be quoted on an individual basis and I will use usps rates.

If you are interested, please contact via email via this listing. Any questions, please ask, don't be bashful.

Thanks in advance.


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