Status: For Sale
Date: 10-Nov-2008
Price: $47 (US Dollars)
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Here are the next in the series, the Trisconi/Chazal BP 935. As I mentioned in another post, a note about quality/resolution cause that always either comes up or is in the back of everyones mind.... I told myself that if I couldn't get the quality/res equal to what TC offers in their shop, I wouldn't do them. I have been and everyone else whom has bought my 959 or Jager repros has been more than happy.

Pics are below.... along with reference pics.

The price is US: $47.00 USD each sheet shipped in the US or Abroad: $51.00 USD each sheet shipped. Shipping will not change for up to five sheets, anything above that, we can work something out.

I should mention that these are vinyl and much easier to work with then the standard OE Tamiya type decals. No more of the bend bubbles when you curve around a corner. They are all self adhesive. Some are printed on clear (ie white lettering) and some printed on white vinyl, such that you don't get in bleed through or dulling of color when placing them on dark colors. You will NOT have to carefully cut anything from a white adhesive of which I have seen on ebay, those are poor repos.

Let me know, contact me via email through TC and this listing. Thanks!