Status: For Sale
Date: 22-Apr-2009
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As the title says I'm selling up and getting out of the hobby once and for all, more pressing issues at the moment and I need the money. As such, everything I'm listing for sale MUST GO so make me an offer, however silly you may think I'll chances are I'll consider it.

[u]Firstly my Fox[/u]. It's been used as a runner by me for ages. The bodywork is quite battered and bruised and the wing assembly is being held on by the radio antenna wire so ideally a new repro shell wouldn't go a miss to make it look better. Mechanically the Fox works fine. It's got a Sport Tuned motor, Mtroniks ESC (with no reverse) rated down to 15 or 17 turns, can't remember which. It comes with a receiver and servo too. The rear tyres are almost bald now after being run of pavement they've lost their bobbles which makes for a lot of fun. Also comes with Proline Dyable wheels which were hard to find and not cheap. No box or manual.

I'm after [b]£45 OVNO [/b]for this, which seeing as it comes with uprated motor, ESC and radio gear isn't a shabby price. This is what it looked like a while back before the wing broke off.


Next up is my TBO1 Subaru. I have it listed at 58271, the prototype, but have been informed it's not as it's got a different body, but it's still a TB-01. It's got a couple of hop-ups, such as front and rear anti roll bars and bearings throughout. Also, it has the Long Arm suspension set which on it's own is very valuable. Apart from that, it's standard. It would come with two sets of wheels and tyres - 1 set of rally blocks with grey wheels which can be seen in the pics, the other a set of slicks mounted on some black wheels which are pretty knackered but are great for bashing around on tarmac. The rally blocks have loads of tread left. The body is in pretty good condition. A number of scrapes here and there, but that's what's to be expected from a runner. The chassis, again, is the same - scratches underneath from running. Nothing broken on it. Would come with a standard steering servo and a modified 17t motor, complete with heatsink, for that extra bit of speed. No receiver or ESC is included. Chassis dust cover is included.

Again I'm after [b]£45 OVNO[/b] as the TB-01s are becoming increasingly uncommon these days.


As I'm sure you can tell I've tried to be as honest as possible when describing these items. I'm selling up and getting out of the hobby so they really do need to go, so like I said take a punt and make me an offer if you want.

I'd prefer if you could come and pick the items up, I'm based in Guildford Surrey. Otherwise, P+P is NOT included in the prices above.

Thanks very much for looking.

The Fox before the wing fell off - with Proline wheels The Mini - SOLD TB01 Scooby The XC Pajero - SOLD SOLD` SOLD