'Albert' Hyper Detailed Driver Head - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars
Status: For Sale
Date: 4-Nov-2009
Price: $13 (US Dollars)
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Here we have a stunning component to increase the realism of your scale buggy / truck.

This 'Albert' Head has been perfectly sculpted by Daniel Cockersell who is a Fine Artist/Sculptor at Weta Workshop, New Zealand. Dan also sculpts incredible figures and creatures for Forge World and Games Workshop. Here is some of his FW Sculptures http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/danielc.htm

Have a look at my showroom for further pictures... everyone who has received one of these or a 'Ray' Head is blown away by the level of detail and realism. Closer inspection reveals skin texture with hair follicles! You will not be disapponted and perfect to develop your painting skills on!

The heads come unpainted and feature a fine 3mm Tamiya Screw embedded ready for attachment. Albert is sculpted at the same size as 'Ray Lynch' the Wild One driver which is a little overscale. It is particularly useful as a FAV, Blazer, Wild One, Audi Quattro driver etc which have slightly larger heads. It looks ok in Scorchers etc but the Tamiya bust is a little small for it. We are currently working on a larger matching bust to continue the hyper detail below the neck! Should be due out late '10!

Due to Daniel's commitments and lack of time he is unable to paint heads for people. Therefore Daniel and I spent the better part of 300 hours putting together a comprehensive painting guide which works through 14 steps to achieve a professional result. Please see my other Trades for the Guide.

Ask for an International Shipping Quote, several heads and a bubble bag is usually approximately $10 US.

Thanks for looking! Greetings from Down Under!

BeetleLover :)

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