Wild willy garden action

Thanks for the kind comment - indeed I think that from time to time the models shall get some fresh air ....and indeed the runtime with the LRP shorty and LRP ESC is just incredible... in order to keep some historic feeling I'm still using a 27Mhz Tamiya transmitter...

Cat re-re masami 1987 4wd winner

Wow this is really looking great - seems like I have to put it on the shopping list. Could you comment the front crashback construction ? Is it a nice thing to have or is there a negative impact, while driving or that it would introduce play ?

Serpent 966 - doesn't fit in here- but does it not look great ?

Thanks for liking - here the pic ...4s only - but with the 2600 kV Motor it is not slow...

Great find at lhs

Very nice - you are making us dream of entering one time as well a hobby store and find such gems....

White impact tuning

Thanks for the feedback and the expert question: unfortunately you've got it right.
I've used Yokomo ballends and started exchanging some studs a well - but I found out,
that at least for non-runner purposes this is not really necessary - with a nice fitting set
of pliers they can be attached as well to the 5mm balls...This was a 'lesson' I've learnt from
Helicopter tuning: When applying a gentle pressure to the ballends the material
adapts a bit to the balls - and so the suspension arms are moving smoothly...
ESE is a good idea - had one as well - but they are really not shiny...

It's a sin 2

Thanks for the comment - I guess I cannot compete with your fantastic beach fotos and the double driver - so my compliment for the great car and pictures.

In a galaxy far far away: summer in the garden...

Thanks for the comments - it's is indeed nice to run it in the garden. We once as well tried it on our big local race track:
Who runs the fastest lap incl. beer delivery? While 4WD can do a lap in 28 s, the Mammoth required 1:36...
I only have to avoid thinking of the fact, that Conrad Electronics offered this once for sale at200EUR - of course
I did not buy it then, but only when I wanted it later...ata higher price and with some electronic problems, which are now

Submarine test

Thanks Gentlemen, I really enjoyed the driving and the look of this.
Somehow I'm a bit fedup of these crawlers with the big tires, bad bodies
and the suspension usually a bit bevelled ....Double fun as
the kit came for 99EUR and all parts from my spare parts boxes

1/8 rc motor cycle - x-rider mars rtr - hobby king h-king rider

Thanks - very inspiring. I'm just owning old bikes w/o Gyro - maybe it would be really worth giving a new one a try.

Storage problem

Hi, I like the pictures. Not sure if it helps you, but I fear my storage area looks worse. So let me know once you've found a good doctor...;-)

Nichimo triple

Thanks a lot for your comments - feels very rewarding that you are as well seeing the speciality in these...Seems I need to watch out for a Luminous and a Vantage...grateful to hear of good opportunities

Do you remember that cheetah lot i collected over the years?

Fantastic - incredible - I'm loving it. And if I may say: You made a very good choice with the Cheetah as
it is a rare model without Re-release.
I have only one of them and guess what: The torsion springs are not functional...

Who is with me ?

Thanks for you comments - I'm very glad, I'm not alone collecting these kits. Exceptionally I would consider swapping the Tamico against the 58001 ;-) as I have this only as built model.

Who is with me ?

Thanks for all your comments and visits. I've just found out, that the Tamico is already sold out - that was quick - I think yesterday I had seen 30 being available...who of you bought these ? ;-)

Sand scorcher customized

Lol, very nice details, I esp. like the drivers yellow glasses and his cigarette/joint and the JQ products sticker...
May I ask what kind of rear tires are mounted ? Are these the ones from the 1:8 scale Gepard ?

Kyosho optima mid custom special

Fantastic - I'm having three Optimas in mixed condition - but this is just fantastic.
Of course I like especially the custom special - Congrats!


******************* Please do not publish - it's just not possible to contact you via the Contact button***********
Good evening,
may I ask if the showroom sale still ongoing ? Would you consider selling this blue Kyosho Integra Vanning ?

Somehow it would nicely fit into my collection...
Best wishes,

Nib in excellent mint condition

Please allow me a strange compliment: This is the worst kit you are showing here...;-) - of course I mean all the others are more less incredible,
while this one, yes, let's say it's nice...

Rarely seen super dog fighter

Hi all,
thanks a lot for your comments. Very good question on the shocks: I was always a bit frustrated, that I did not have the original ones anymore, but indeed I think these are the platinum ones from Kyosho! So I think they do not reduce the value of the car...thanks a lot for making me aware of that...
Let me add, that from my original car this one has the wheels, the motor, the wing and the body,...

Cat xls

Thanks a lot for your comments - indeed a great design. If only the the distribution in Germany would have been
better at that time, I would have preferred that over the Mid's I was driving then...
Main question seems to be now: Shall I as well go for a Top Cat ?

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