Ebay ID:Danf1275

Got a Hornet for Christmas in 1990. Ran it hard and replaced everything at least twice, before it was joined by a Schumacher Procat and an M-01 Mini. Life overtook hobbies for 20 years, before noticing CR-01, which led to others being re-commissioned.

Current collection,
Tamiya Hornet,
Tamiya M-01 Mini,
Tamiya Lunchbox,
Tamiya Wild One,
Tamiya CR-01,
Tamiya Super Clodbuster,
Tamiya DF03 MS,
Sakura FGX,
Schumacher Procat,
Schumacher Club 10 Cougar,
Schumacher Cougar 2,
Schumacher Storm,
Schumacher Topcat,
Schumacher CAT XLS,

Is this getting out of hand.....

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