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  1. Land Rover introduce a new Defender recently. While it's a pretty impressive vehicle, most true off road enthusiasts think it got a way from it's true off road roots. A wealthy entrepreneur contacted Land Rover and wanted to make an update version of their previous Defender. He was told no by Land Rover. The gentleman did some digging and found out Land Rover never trademarked the appearance of the previous Defender so he basically has built an updated version with the name Ineos Grenadier.
  2. For the most part got the BHWO finished last night. I knew I'd like the looks but in person, couple of the details really make it stand out. Fairly stock with just bearings, softer rear springs and a modified mounting for the window nets and rear number plates. I also sprayed the body and roof with a flat clear to knock down the shine.
  3. I think a lot of it depends on if Tamiya ever bothered to trademark the name when the original came out. If they didn't and later down the road someone else does, then this sometime happens. This is true even for style/appearances. Those of you across the pond may be familiar with the Land Rover Defender and the new Ineos Grenadier story and what just recently occurred there.
  4. I realize this is an older thread but any recent rumors about Tamiya doing another rerelease of the Rough Rider or the Buggy Champ? For all the unfinished projects I have, I think an affordable rerelease like these would be a cause to order another kit......... ......thhhhhhaaaat I really don't need.
  5. Thanks to you both. If I can't find any locally, I may try the hole punch route.
  6. Anyone have a supplier of the small foam cushions to keep dog bones centered in their cups? Needing a set for a modified car that didn't come with them. Thx....
  7. Picked up at the LHS today. Finally came in. On order since Dec.
  8. I'm more into the scale vehicles. Most Tamiya scale stuff looks really good from any angle but some are disappointing where the chassis can be seen. For instance, I love the looks of the new Alpine A110 but the motor can and transmission are so low, that it really takes away from the scale looks from the rear view.
  9. Not postman but LHS. Been on order for so long, not sure what hop ups I've collected for it along the way.
  10. Anyone know where I can get these scale mirrors? Are they the Traxxas Bronco ones perhaps? Thx.....
  11. That's just a proportional channel for what ever you need it for. While that appears to be a vintage radio, most modern high-end multichannel air radios have them. I have a few radios that have them on both sides. All of mine, I can assign which channel(s) I want that slider to control. Personally I don't use them though as they seem to easy to bump for me.
  12. A three link is the common design on a scale build where the servo is mounted on the chassis as apposed to being mounted on the actual axle which looks out of place and not very scale like. In addition, there's always a fourth additional "suspension bar" called a pan hard bar. This is what keeps the front axle from going side to side (lateral movement) when you activate the servo. Can't really see it in the photo above but usually attaches to only one side of the axle and then the other side of the frame. The pan hard also needs to be set up in the same direction as the steering servo drag link bar. Hope this helps.
  13. Wow, you're really going to town on the scale garage accessories. Amazing work! You do realize you're now committed to doing a full diorama garage display now don't you? LOL
  14. Whenever possible, always do unsprung when adding weight.
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